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DEPARTMENT OF Paedodontics

PG Students

  • Dr.Sarveshu Gupta :- (1) “Effect of Taper & Metallurgy on Cleaning Efficacy of Endodontic Files In Primary Teeth: An In-Vitro Study” published in American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Journal, Journal of Pediatric Dentistry. September 2015
    (2) Delayed Teeth Eruption – A Mirror To Systemic Deficiency of Vitamin D, Indian Journal of Dental Sciences. March 2015.

  • Dr.Anirudh Pathak :- (1) TWIN BLOCK: A DUAL FUNCTIONING APPILANCE A REPORT OF TWO CASES, International Journal of Dental and Health Sciences 2015.
    (2) Predicting the mesiodistal width of unerupted canine and premolars by using width of the permanent mandibular incisors and first molar in the Himachal population Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry 2016.

  • Dr. Bakshinder :- (1) Management of intrusion in primary tooth with fixed-mechano therapy- A case report: IOSR-JDMS August 2015.
    (2) Non- surgical approach to peri apical pathology- Case report of two pediatric patients: RJPBCS Nov-Dec 2014.
    (3) Fusion of Mandibular Primary Anterior teeth. A rare dental anomaly.International Journal of Oral Health and Medical Research | ISSN 2395-7387 | MAY-JUNE 2016.
    (4) Surgical Management of Extra-Oral Mandibular Cutaneously Pus Draining Sinus Tract in a 13-years Old Girl - A Case ReportAnnals of International Medical and Dental Research 2015.
    (5) Modified Nance Palatal Arch: An Aesthetic Approach To Missing Anterior Teeth - A Case Report) : Indian journal of dental sciences June 2015.

  • Dr Anshul Sachdeva :- (1) Supplemental Primary Incisor: A Case Report, Asian Journal of Oral Health & Allied Sciences 2013.
    (2) Soft tissue cephalometric changesconcurrent to use anterior inclined plane in class II div I patients BFUDJ 2011.
    (3) Agenesis Of Primary Incisors And Its Effect On Permanent Successors, Indian Journal of Dental Sciences. December 2012.
    (4) Peek-A-Boo : Natal Teeth; A Report Of 4 Cases, Indian Journal of Dental Sciences. December 2015.
    (5) The prevalence and pattern of cavitated carious lesions in primary dentition among children under 5 years age in Sirsa, Haryana (India), Journal of International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry 2015.