Himachal Dental College

Under the Auspices of Dr. Puran Chand, Medical Charitable Trust

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Director Message

The Dr. Puran Chand Medical trust society made a tryst with destiny 20 years ago for the spread of education in India. Since then it has opened colleges and technical institutions in all parts of Himachal. Right from the start, carefully planned teaching innovations have been adopted, which have led to better teaching. The most modern of devices and teaching aids are in use,

Furthermore it has become clear to all concerned that science would have to bulk large in teaching and in research. We have therefore to give place of pride to the sciences and are attuning ourselves to the rhythm of today.

Due to this effort, the HDC has also been seen as a precursor of change. To blend the best of modernity with tradition. To seek the best from the world over and yet carry along with us our values that forms the basis of every action of every day life.

This process of gradual evolution that the HDC brings about is not just limited to students, but to all those associated with it, be they teachers, administrators, staff or parents.

I see the HDC today, more than just an institution or an organization. It is a way of life that crosses all barriers of caste, creed, race or religion.

Dr. Anil Singla
Prof and Head, Deptt of Orthodontics,
HDC, Sundernagar, HP, India