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Director Message

As you visit and explore our site, my hope is that you take this opportunity to examine how the college of dental medicine has positioned itself to meet these exciting and demanding challenges of the future.

Thank you for your interest in and welcome to the Himachal Dental College, Sunder Nagar. We strive to be innovative and stimulating, and to provide you with the opportunity for a rewarding educational experience.

As a student within the Faculty of Dentistry: undergraduate, postgraduate or in Continuing Education; your comprehensive educational experience will involve a blend of basic sciences, dental technology and clinical practice. You will have the opportunity to develop skills like critical analysis, reasoning and problem solving to help you either prepare for or develop further your professional future and your capacity for life-long learning.

I hope that this website provides you with all the information you require. Should you need any further information before making a decision to study with the Faculty, please contact our Adminstration office.

Dentistry is an exciting, versatile, challenging and rewarding career choice. I invite you to apply to study in our many programs. The Faculty of Dentistry looks forward to welcoming you.

Dr. Vikas JIndal
Professor, Department of Periodontics
Himachal Dental college, Sundernagar, HP, India