Himachal Dental College

Under the Auspices of Dr. Puran Chand, Medical Charitable Trust

Landline : +911907267183

Our Vision

To create professional who are futuristic and flexiable in thinking and quick adapt themselves to the fast changing professional environment to ensure latest trends are incorporated in their treatment skills to make treatment affordable & responsive.

To train professionals in Dental Health Care & make them capable of rising to the challenges, in a futuristic Global environment.

To develop world class infrastructure with “State of the Art” equipment to ensure world class healthcare with a human face.

Our Aim & Objective

Dynamic, innovative, periodically updated curriculum which assists students to remain abreast with current & futuristic trends, assists better assimilation & develops skills for efficient result oriented patient management in a global environment.

Provide latest real time academic support services which helps students to have easy and cost effective access to the huge knowledge explosion and result oriented research findings.

Encourage and organize camps to reach out to rural masses, educational institutes to create wider awareness and extent world class treatment at affordable costs.

Create a network of satellite clinicse-enabled on innovative, incentive based partnership to enhance scope of “On the job” training & promote dental care in rural areas & urban metros with the ultimate aim of correcting the population: Doctor ratio and ensure an exposure spectrum which covers Rural-Metro-Global range.